Blog Post 11: Analytically thinking about being Analytical

How can analytical writing work for me as I move forward into a career as a painter? How can I take what I learned from this class an use it for painting? Well the short answer is simply one word “critique”. Analytical writing differ from a research paper because it asks the writer to be far more personal about what they are seeing and not to simply regurgitate it back to the reader. A painter can use this thought process to understand what they like not only about other work, but also their own.

One assignment that really helped me understand this was the movie review and the cult classic blog. The movie review asked me to watch a movie, I chose Blade Runner since I had not seen it yet, and simply give my thoughts on it. The Cult classic Blog post , blog post number three, had me look at films that still had a large following and left a large impact on the film scene. I had to look at these and really understand what it was about these films that I liked. If I can take this same idea a use it for not just my painting but also the painting I make. With this I can use it to really focus on making my painting more personal an unique.

Forest temple02

A large part of being a painter in the entertainment industry isn’t that you can just create what a director ask of you but bring something personal an unique to what they want created. I want someone to look at my portfolio and really see something different or at least like the style and ideas I come up with. Understanding my work and what I like about it will also help when it comes to explaining to others what I like about my work. I may have some idea what it is I like in my work, but if I can’t explain it in word then those I talk to about my work will never truly understand what I’m saying about my paintings.

Hopefully with this information I can start to really push my paintings and create even better works from here on out.

Blog Post 10: Frye Museum

The Frye Art Museum is a free museum that was created by Charles and Emma Frye who had a large collection of art and decided to create a museum to house it all for the public to enjoy. Unfortunately for me the day I got free was not the best time to visit the museum. The museum was undergoing some work for an upcoming event so most of the museum was off limits. That said some of the paintings were still out for viewing.

Though limited in what I could see the museum was still very pleasant to visit. The entry way had a cool water pool that greeted people to the museum. The interior was undergoing work but what I could see had recently been re-painted the museum felt very clean and nice to be in. The staff was also very helpful answering a few questions I had on some of the work I was looking at.

The work was also very different from what I imagined. I thought that since the museum was free for anyone to enter that the work displayed would feel lower quality to that of the nearby Seattle Art Museum. This was not the case with many of the painting being of high quality and created by some very skilled painters.

Hopefully next time I visit the museum the entire building will be open for viewing because the little I saw was great.


Blog Post 9: Kindred Review

Kindred, written in 1979 by Octavia butler is a story of a women named Dana ,a African American, who is suddenly able to travel back in time before the civil. Butler is an accomplished author known for her many science fiction novels. Kindred though does not follow Butler usual sci-fi theme focusing more on Dana and the complications that come from going back in time to when slave were a common part of American culture.

Kindred Never takes the time to explain how Dana the heroine of the story suddenly is sent back in time and it never feels like it needs to. The story focus on Dana and how going back and forward from the past and present affects her relationship with the people she know and meets in her travels. I found this allowed Butler to create some very interesting and complex character development.

This story has a very serious tone throughout the whole story. If you’re looking for a fun adventure book this is not the time traveling tale you’re looking for. Kindred is a very serious look at America’s past and the dark history of when slavery was legal. The story’s dark tone ask you as the reader to really think about the events you’re reading about. This serious tone doesn’t make this a bad book, but you should be aware of the book’s serious nature so you do not get scared off by the book themes.

Kindred is a great book that ask the readers to take its story seriously with strong character relationships and mature theme. I would recommend this book to anyone looking for a thought provoking book.


Blog Post 8: Into the Delorean!!

In Kindred Dana is sent back in time to save her ancestors. For me though I feel something more historical would call to me. Especially something  art related. I love looking at past art work and seeing how their impact had on our history or how the work has influenced so many artist today. Maybe if I was somehow sent back to save a painter or encourage  a painter to start or continue his career would encourage me.

Compared to Dana’s story which is about her survival as much s her ancestors mine would be about preserving and protecting history. Dana while her goal is very important to her would have little effect on the world or at least it most likely will have little impact. My time travel experience would be more of bigger impact on my current time line, It would be unclear how Dana’s story could affect the future.

Also personally I must admit that I would just love to travel in time to see great artist from out past, though I know Dana doesn’t really have a choice on when she travels to.


Blog Post 7 : A Pro Prologue

The use of a prologue can differ from story to story. In Kindred Butler used it to build suspense for the story and to fill the readers mind with questions.  The suspense part is how she drops the reader right into the story. Dana is in a hospital because she lost her an arm and the prime suspect is Kevin her husband who is be question at the police station. This isn’t a small problem, it’s shit hitting the fan and the reader is running. The main character so far in the story just went through a life endangering  event and the reader has no idea what really is happening.German Soccer Fans Waiting in Suspense

This leads  to the second reason, to build curiosity for the reader. A reader who has question and wants them answered will stick around to finish the story. Even is the ending isn’t what they wanted or didn’t live to their expectations. The book leaves the players wondering what happened to Dana. Why was her arm fused into a wall Why did she lose a years of life. none of this is answer Butler skillfully has the characters talk about what just happened without giving away any of the mystery.

The prologue short nature also make is easy for readers who are interested in buying the books to get a quick understanding of the story’s feeling and gives the reader incentive to buy the book and read further.

Blog Post 6: James to Jan

In the short article called “Herstory” the author Jan Morris talks about her experience from leaving her manhood behind to become a women. I found the article interesting because the overall theme of the article seemed to focus on the idea that gender lines are blurring  and overtime as our technology and lifestyles improve our gender roles and physicality becomes similar. It is interesting to me to think that as humans progress we may be moving closer and closer to male and female  being almost the same thing or something we could change on a genetic level. This wasn’t the only focus of Jan’s story, she also went over the reactions to bother her male and female friends.

The first reaction that Jan talks about is her male friends and how they seem confused at her choice. She then about her female friends and how they easily came to terms of her choice, or at least had more of an understanding. I feel like this is because for her male friends this might seem like she is leaving her male self to become something they don’t relate to. For the female friends it’s the reverse with her leaving what they don’t relate to joining them as women. This might be a divided, but Jan is the one who seem to have more of an understanding of both side and what it means to break through it.

This article also made me think of a fairly recent social experiment that was done using the Virtual Reality headset called “Oculus Rift” where a male and a female would swap vision. They would then be told how to move so there actions would match their movement. It was an interesting idea of being able to swap gender for a short time. Here is a link to a video showing  how the experiment work ( caution partial nudity and stuff) (


Blog post 5: Octavia Butler

Octavia Butler, known for her interesting in science fiction has written books such as the ” Earthseed” series, “Patternmaster” series, and the “Xenogenesis” series (“Score.” Best of Octavia E. Butler (16 Books). Goodreads, n.d. Web. 24 Aug. 2014.). One of her books however known as “Kindred” tells a story of a African American women who suddenly can travel back in time before the civil war had taken place. While considered a great book, this was very different from her usual science fiction. The time travel is never explained, but rather is more of a tool for Octavia’s story making the book feel more fantasy.

To me Kindred seem to fall in line with what Octavia seem to like as the underlying message of her stories. She seem to care a lot about looking and think about society and social standing and the problems that can come from that. My assumption is that Kindred is more direct taking out the science fiction to make the problem more readable to the reader, and giving her life as a African American female writer might be more of a personal story.


Alexzander. “John Jude Palencar. Book Covers. – Book Graphics.” John Jude Palencar. Book Covers. – Book Graphics. N.p., 17 May 2013. Web. 24 Aug. 2014.

The Science fiction elements in her other book might be more because of her interest in science fiction. It sound that here other books could be fantasy book but her love for science and creating a believable world filled with aliens and advance technologies from other worlds was something she enjoyed.